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Steve Bongardt

President, The Gyges Group

A retired FBI agent, criminal profiler, digital forensic examiner, and SWAT operator and sniper, Steve is now the President of The Gyges Group, a cybersecurity and behavioral profiling consultation firm.

Whether it’s external cyber attackers, trusted insiders, violent criminals or the terrorist threat, his unique blend of technical, behavioral and investigative knowledge helps organizations and individuals understand the adversary and criminal mind and develop an active defense mindset. Realizing every organization has limited resources, his specialty is working with an organization’s personnel, cybersecurity stack, and physical security apparatus in crisis situations, or, proactively, to focus on their adversaries’ behavior and predatory pathway of attack, often in the context of confusing frameworks and standards.

A United States Naval Academy graduate and former Naval Aviator, Steve is a C.I.S.S.P. and holds a master’s degree in forensic psychology. Notably, highlights of his career include being with the first handpicked team of FBI agents that went into Afghanistan in December 2001 after 9/11, starting the Cyber Behavioral Analysis Program at the BAU, and leading the digital forensics effort in the DC Navy Yard Shooting investigation in 2013.

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