RiskSec NY 2017

Decrease Your Risk, Increase Your Security  |  Presented by SC Media
Thank you for attending SC Media’s RiskSec NY event on May 2. Below please find presentation downloads from some of our speakers. Stay tuned for future event updates from SC Media by visiting our main website.

SC Media’s RiskSec NY event on May 2 was a resounding success!

On May 2, RiskSec NY was a resounding success. That’s not just the opinion of us here at SC Media, but is reflected in the many complimentary and positive messages we’ve been receiving from our attendees and our sponsors.

Attendees from all facets of the cybersecurity field benefitted from the event’s immersion into 360 degrees of IT security. Delegates engaged with content from thought leaders – like the World Bank’s Sandra Sargent and the FBI’s Don Freese – and analysis from the top minds in the industry – like Aetna's Brian Heemsoth, Crumpton Group 's Rick Doten, Flashpoint's Lance James – and came away with ideas and solutions to best fortify and protect their organizations. Additionally, our sponsors demonstrated best-in-class products and services to better arm the cybersecurity arsenals of our attendees and were rewarded with a strengthened sales funnel.

Over lunch and snack breaks, hundreds of cybersec executives and leaders were provided with networking opportunities to share perspectives and experiences and to widen their circles of useful contacts that will surely prove immensely valuable in the future.

Our thanks and gratitude to all the speakers, exhibitors and delegates who contributed to the vibrancy and success of RiskSec NY 2017.  Please stay tuned to hear more about RiskSec NY 2018!

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